Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Chocoholic's Wet Dream

Two words, one name: Ginger Elizabeth, the culinary wizard of all things cocoa. Chris and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for wedding favors. We argued a bit over the actual concept of wedding favors: the gall of some people to expect a gift for attending an event with an open bar, live music, fresh air (I am tempted to charge all guests a $20 Inhalation Fee), and vegetarian cuisine. The argument ended once we realized that in order to properly ensure that our fair guests would be presented with luxury (pronounced "Jag-U-are"), we would first need to sample everything. We are nothing if not falsely benevolent (and plagiarizers- thank you for the line, Jane Lynch!).

So, what is a wedding favor? According to some wedding website I am making up, it is something ranging between $1.50-$1M USD. Expect the low range people. I have vigorously tried arguing the case but the lawyers keep on insisting that I am not genetically related to Oprah; although I do believe that we are sisters, in that generic "We Are the World" way.

Other than a rather slim price margin, wedding favors are usually chocolate, alcohol, or some random trinket that you will collect dust on your bookshelf. So, chocolate. People like chocolate. I like chocolate. Chris LOVES chocolate. And given our alternative lifestyle- think a commercialized green living- we wanted to have a local chocolatier provide the gourmet favors for the guests. I searched and found Ginger Elizabeth, Queen of Those Riding the Crimson Tides, we jumped in the car and drove into midtown, anxiously awaiting our treats. First thing of note- we are way too uncool to be in that area of town. The people walking their dogs were exponentially higher on the Prince scale than both of us combined. I tugged at my t-shirt and tried to act cool. Hipsters swarmed the streets with their $150 designer jeans and 2 hour coiffed 'do that looks like they just emerged from their Fortress of Solitude (and blankets). They, like dogs could sense fear, so we did our best to fit in with those who try to not fit in.

We ordered an array of chocolates and cookies along with a true hot chocolate. Not the watered down garbage they sell in coffee houses but thick, creamy hot chocolate that warms your veins and gives you a warm embrace of chocolate-y goodness. Mmmm...

The chocolates are by far the best I have ever enjoyed. Chris joked that we should move into the apartment complex adjacent to the boutique. My fear is that I would one day be unable to pass through the door as my frame would become too robust from the overindulgence in Ginger Elizabeth's Cocoa Nirvana. But...chocolate overdose would not be that bad of a way to die (unless you are a dog, in which case, it would suck pretty bad), it sure as hell beats any of the slightly comical ways to die "somewhere in South America" with the doctors from Off the Map. Ugh. It's like McGyver made an baby with Dr. McDreamy out of bamboo sticks and used nappies.

Will guests enjoy Ginger Elizabeth's fine candies? Will Dr. McDreamy finally profess his love to Dr. McPouty? Where is La Clinica? Is the Man in Black the devil? All* will be revealed in a new post!