Thursday, July 15, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I absolutely adore the internet because it allows me to assemble an unnaturally and presumably unhealthy sized ego as I can now speak to the masses. The "masses" including: myself, my sleep-deprived betrothed, and my mother. None the less, I will speak with the confidence of Sarah Palin at a [insert religious or political event/fast-food chain opening].

Here are our well thought out plans as of 6:49 PST:

1) Outdoor wedding: hence the background. Think Meet Joe Black minus the wealth (we are but graduate students mind you) coupled with the final wedding in Runaway Bride minus the horse (I have no desire to be dragged by an equine through the hills of California).

2) Religion-free ceremony: I spent 13 years in Catholic education, 'nuf said. Alec's dad will be officiating, which keeps it in the family.

3) Open bar: why not? However, if anyone feels they need to drink their body mass in vodka or tequila- I will have horses ready for your removal.

4) Liliac and Ivory Color Theme: Tiffany's Blue is a bit hard to find through different vendors. I don't have the mental strength to detail the blue/green ratio to each vendor.


  1. I saw you mention farms on Facebook and it made me think of this place:

  2. I think we are heading towards Apple Hill but I am definitely keeping an open mind towards just about everything. Wanted a band for the reception but am now sarcastically considering putting my iPod on shuffle.